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With its wild and free style, Tiger Print White Shirt combines courage and style.

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Tiger Print White Shirt combines courage and style, reflecting a wild and free spirit. With its striking tiger print and elegant white color, this shirt is both eye-catching and sophisticated.

The tiger pattern symbolizes strength and determination, helping you create a confident style. The white background color gives the shirt a fresh and modern feel, providing a balancing effect.

Tiger Patterned White Shirt is suitable for both day and night outfits. You can choose it for a special event or when you want to emphasize your style in daily life.

Offering a combination of comfort and elegance thanks to its high quality fabric, this shirt adds a different dimension to your style with its modern design. The impressive and striking look of the tiger pattern makes you stand out in the crowd.

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1 SERIES = 1 Piece (M) – 2 Pieces (L) – 1 Piece (XL) – 1 Piece (XXL) / TOTAL: 5 PIECES.

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