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Wholesale Shirts

Shirt is one of the most preferred clothing products by people. One of the main reasons for this is that it can be used in summer and winter months. This situation places shirts in a different place in people’s eyes. Shirts are clothing items with many colors and models. In addition, they are produced in different ways specially designed for summer and winter months. Wholesale beach shirts, which are among the indispensable models of summer months, are highly preferred.

Classic Shirts

It is one of the most preferred models by men. The model, which continues to be produced today, has the distinction of being the oldest shirt type. The most distinctive feature of this shirt is that it has a collar design suitable for use with a tie. This product is usually made from a cotton fabric and has different colors and embroideries.

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Classic Shirts?

Although it may seem easy to buy a shirt, there are many points to be careful about. One of them is the fabric from which the shirt is produced. When buying shirts, generally 100% cotton fabrics should be preferred. The main reason for this is that since cotton is a natural fiber, it allows the skin to breathe.

In addition, if the fabric of the shirt is not only cotton and contains different contents, care should be taken not to exceed one third of the synthetic material rate. Heavier cotton fabrics can usually be worn during the winter months. In summer, in addition to light cotton shirts, cotton shirts mixed with linen and silk fabrics mixed with cotton can be preferred. The quality of the cotton used in the fabric of the shirt varies according to the thread numbers.

Collar Detail in Classic Shirts

Collar has a very important place in classic shirts. These shirts are produced in a way suitable for use with a tie. It is especially suitable for meetings. In addition, it is one of the most suitable shirt choices in case of an invitation or in cases where the invitation will be accepted. Even if this will be shown to the organizations, if a classic shirt is preferred, one button from the top should be left open. Shirts in this model can be produced according to any size.

Button Detail in Classic Shirts

One of the conditions that affect the quality of classic shirts is buttons. If the button used in classic shirts is genuine mother-of-pearl, it means that this shirt is of high quality. In addition, as in all shirts, one of the most important elements that shows the quality of the fabric and the shirt in classic shirts is how the seams are made. In classic shirts, the stitch quality increases as the needle strokes per centimeter become more frequent and the seams around the collar approach the edge.

Slim Fit Shirts

The most basic feature of the lakes produced from materials with this feature is that they hug the body. The meaning of the word slim fit, which is used to describe the products with this feature, also refers to the mold that fits the body perfectly. Slim fit shirts, which means narrow fit, are not draped in the arms, shoulders and waist parts of the clothes. On the contrary, as a result of fabric and sewing methods, the clothing body wraps and gives a structure. Slim fit shirts have different models produced for winter, spring and summer months, and are produced with different color, pattern, texture and sewing options. In this way, the products can appeal to many styles. The reason why this model is most preferred among users is due to the wide variety of the model and the fact that it gives the user a sporty appearance. It is possible to catch this sporty elegance with wholesale Hawaiian shirts . These products are suitable for use in all areas of life, including special occasions. Another reason why Slim fit Shirts are frequently preferred by users is that they create an extremely modern appearance, stylish and aesthetic image. In addition, shirts allow the user the freedom to move freely. Slim fit shirts have a structure that appeals to all seasons. There are models that do not sweat in the summer months, and products that are a barrier between the cold and the user in the winter months. The durability of the products varies according to the material from which they are produced. Factors such as the thickness of the fabric from which the shirt is produced, the sewing-cut style, and the degree of durability also affect the usage area. Thanks to slim fit shirts, it becomes possible for the user to create both a classic and a sporty style.

Lumberjack Shirts

These shirts have been used and popular abroad for a long time, as well as becoming popular in our country a short time ago. Generally, plaid patterns are referred to as lumberjack shirts. This shirt model is produced from pure and soft cotton. Due to its warm structure, it is among the most preferred ones especially in the last spring and winter months.

When Can Lumberjack Shirts Be Worn?

The fact that it is generally preferred by users in winter months has led to the misconception that ‘lumberjack shirts are worn in winter’ in the society. This perception is extremely wrong. Lumberjack shirts can be used not only in winter, but also in spring and summer. Lumberjack shirts have a wide choice of combinations, including skirts, trousers and shorts.

Lumberjack Shirt Fabric

The fabric of the lumberjack shirt, which is famous for its plaid pattern, originated in Scotland and France. The fabric has an extremely wide usage area such as jackets, skirts, shirts and coats.

Casual Shirt Models

Casual shirts are one of the most preferred shirt models of the last period. These shirts are among the most preferred models that go to business meetings, dinners and business meetings. These shirts can be preferred with or without a tie or suit as the most important feature. These products are extremely successful in adding a nice look to their users without a tie or a suit. Casual shirts are generally preferred by users for formal or semi-formal occasions. This is because it has conservative styles and colors.

Casual shirts are made of cotton or various cotton blends. These fabrics are the most preferred fabric type in silk luxury casual shirts. White color is used very commonly in these shirts. The main reason for this is that it has a very wide choice of combinations. In casual shirts, besides white, colors such as blue, lavender, pink and red-white are also frequently encountered. Casual shirts add a sporty atmosphere to the wearer and therefore have a longer structure compared to sports shirts. The labels of these products usually include neck and sleeve length.

Casual shirts are usually produced with stiff collars so that suits or ties can hold up against things like collars. These shirts have two main collar styles. These are the point collar and the spring collar. For point collars, the angle between the two collar points is 60 degrees or less. In the case of spread collars, the angle between the collar points is more than 90 degrees.

Sports Shirts

A sporty look is extremely important, especially for men. Sports shirts, which are produced to achieve a sporty look while wearing a shirt, are especially popular with men. The most preferred reason for these shirts is their design, color options and fabric. These models fit and fit the user’s body as it should. Another feature of sports shirts being so preferred is that they make the user feel extremely comfortable. In this way, the user does not experience any loss of movement in daily life. The fact that sports shirts are produced from different fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk offers a wide range of preferences to its users. Sports shirts, such as the Wholesale Beach Shirt , which provide an extremely stylish look to the wearer, allow the person to draw attention in different environments and at the same time to feel more confident. There are models with one or two pockets in the shirts, and narrow or comfortable cut models are available. This allows for different combinations. There are also long and short sleeve models available.

Wholesale Beach Shirts

Wholesale beach shirts are generally preferred in summer. In fact, it would not be wrong to describe these shirts as indispensable for summer months. This shirt style provides the user with extremely comfortable movement and does not restrict the user at all. In addition, it is almost impossible for the user not to stand out at the party, thanks to the model that is preferred especially in summer beach parties. When the recent researches and statistics are taken into account, beach shirts are in the first place among the products sold especially in the summer months. In addition, it can be used in spring and winter with extremely successful combinations. Thanks to its structure that allows the skin to breathe, it prevents sweating to a large extent, especially in summer. Shirts that stand out thanks to their light structure do not tire the user while carrying them, and they are very durable thanks to the special fabric.

wholesale Hawaiian Shirts

The wholesale Hawaiian shirt stands out with its stylish design. Shirts, which are frequently encountered in the summer holiday season, have a unique texture as well as allowing the wearer to move comfortably. Shirts, which have an extremely light structure, do not tire their users in summer. Although the quality of the product may vary according to the fabric produced, the products manufactured with a class A quality fabric are resistant to wear and can be used for many years. It is often preferred by users who want to look stylish in photos during holidays, which gain even more importance after long work. In shirts with different colors and designs, leaves and exotic styles, especially reminiscent of the summer months, come to the fore. Shirts are usually produced in many different colors.

Advantages of Buying Wholesale Products

You Have the Advantage of Keeping Stock

One of the most important things for consumers is the quick delivery of the product. Although this situation can be easily achieved when there is stock, it can turn into a complete grind if there is no stocked product. Thanks to wholesale purchases, you can provide a faster service to customers because you will have an existing stock. This will provide plus points for your brand in the long run, as it is one of the things that is most noticed by consumers. In addition, the supply problem in wholesale purchases will be eliminated.

You Have The Opportunity To Sell The Most Demanded Products

Thanks to wholesale product purchases, you create stock for wholesale Hawaiian shirts and other models, which are one of the most sold products in the clothing industry, regardless of summer and winter. If you prefer shirts that have a very high sales rate, it is almost impossible to make a loss. However, it will be extremely easy for you to stand out in the sector as you can address the target audience more quickly. In addition, since you will not go to the trouble of producing it yourself, it is impossible to experience any problems such as damage and raw materials. Today, wholesale product purchase is the most preferred option by both those who trade in the traditional way and those who are engaged in e-commerce.

You Don’t Have to Create Your Own Brand

Creating your own brand and making your brand known is an extremely long process. In addition, it requires a serious cost. There is no such problem in wholesale beach shirt product purchases. In wholesale products, you can choose brands that are known and trustworthy in the sector. In this way, you do not need to promote your brand. If you prefer the brands that are already in the sector, the products will be sold out in a short time. In addition, you can use the budget you will spend on promoting your own brand to improve your business.

Why You Should Choose Us

​Wholesale Hawaiian shirt product supply is extremely important for companies or people dealing with e-commerce. Being aware of this situation, our company does not keep its customers waiting with fast delivery and prevents them from experiencing a victimization. Our company, which provides confidence in the sector and comes to a distinguished place, will respond to your needs in the fastest way. You can choose our company for your wholesale purchases.