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Clothing products are one of the most purchased products both on the internet and in daily life. Clothing is of great importance to people in many ways, but the most important of these is its positive effect on human psychology. The data obtained from the researches show that people who can achieve the color harmony they want in daily life are more active.

For this reason, companies working on clothing need to offer their customers products in thousands of varieties and colors. Achieving this becomes an extremely laborious and painful process for many companies. The reason for this is that companies that usually serve in this field but do not have enough experience are preferred. As Istanbul wholesale clothing, wholesalers do not sell products one by one. In fact, this kind of sale is not a situation that any company that serves the public on clothing would prefer.

What is Wholesale Clothing?

Istanbul Wholesale Clothing is preferred by companies engaged in traditional or e-commerce that serve the public on clothing. In such companies, the way of selling by buying wholesale products is extremely common, but it is not enough to buy only wholesale clothing products; for your customers and to be successful, you need to manage the process better. If you buy wholesale products, you keep a certain amount of stock in your hands and you can deliver the products directly to consumers. When comparing the option of buying wholesale products to dropshipping or producing and selling your own products, it would not be wrong to say that these two models are somewhere in between.

Buying Istanbul wholesale clothing product does not carry the risks of producing your own products in any way. In addition, producing your own products brings risks in many different ways. However, there is a situation that wholesale clothing is more expensive in terms of cost. Compared to dropshipping, the profit margin is higher and it is possible to deliver the products to the consumer more quickly. In addition, since you will have product warehouse management, the risk of problems with suppliers is eliminated. In addition, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages in wholesale products, such as everything else.

Advantages of Buying Wholesale Products

Stock Keeping Advantage

One of the first things that consumers expect from e-commerce companies is that the product reaches their hands as soon as they receive the product. At this point, making sales by keeping stock and not keeping the consumer waiting for the product has a very important place in e-commerce. If you buy a wholesale clothing product in Istanbul, you can ship the product on the same day because you have the advantage of keeping a certain amount of stock in your hand. This will earn you plus points in the eyes of the customer. Another meaning of this is that fast delivery and shipping opens up your own marketing. In addition, the products delivered in a short time always satisfy the customer. For this reason, you can increase customer satisfaction because you deliver products in a short time.

Provides Opportunity to Sell Demanded Products

Thanks to Istanbul wholesale clothing, if you buy products that are in demand in the clothing industry and keep stock, you will be presenting the products that are more likely to be sold to the public on your e-commerce site. For this reason, since the need to create a new market will be eliminated, you can continue your promotion and advertising activities aimed at the target audience in the current market.

Wholesale Clothing Offers You the Option to Work with Known Brands

Creating a brand and making the brand recognizable among consumers is an extremely long and laborious process. If you buy wholesale clothing products in Istanbul, you do not have to deal with such a situation. Because if you buy wholesale products, you will have the opportunity to work with known and existing brands in the market. For this reason, there is no need for a long process such as creating a new brand and executing the advertising work of this brand. In this way, you can spend your current budget on developing your business instead of advertising.

Disadvantages of Buying Wholesale Products

Having Competition

Especially when you start to sell the products of well-known brands, you will enter into a serious competition in the sector. This can get you in a lot of trouble. The main reason is that others sell the products that are in demand. At this point, it becomes difficult for you to stand out. This may make it difficult for you to stand out as well as affecting your profit margin. As Istanbul wholesale clothing, we make it possible to overcome these negative situations and satisfy our customers with smart marketing strategies.

Products May Not Be Sold

Although it is annoying that the products are not sold, it is always a risk in both e-commerce and traditional trade due to the fact that consumer habits change in a short time. This risk is much less in clothing products compared to other products. Even if the products are not sold in a short time, this does not mean that they will not be sold in a long period of time. You may need to be patient with this. Since the products will be sold in the long term, the expense you have made on them will compensate itself in a long time.

Warehouse Management and Cost Trouble

For wholesale purchases, you need to have a warehouse where the products are stored under appropriate conditions. The storage space in question will have a certain cost. In addition, you need a staff member working in the warehouse to assist you. You should not forget about the expenses that these people will have on you. In addition, you should not forget that you will be responsible for warehouse management. It is very important to position the products at which points and to make the stock management correctly.

The risks in Istanbul wholesale clothing purchases are not more than the risks that may arise in other business areas. In addition, the risks that may be experienced in bulk purchases in the clothing sector are very low. Clothing products are one of the fastest selling products in our country. At this point, it should be noted that you should choose a company experienced in the wholesale clothing industry. If you do not choose the right company, it is highly likely that you will experience various grievances; unfortunately, it is possible to come across many examples of victimization in the past. You can choose our company, which has been serving for many years at the point of supplying products to companies in wholesale clothing.