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The colorful patterned shorts and shirt set, specially designed by Mandella Istanbul, offers an energetic style where vibrant colors and different patterns meet modern comfort. An energetic and fun option.

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Colorful patterned shorts and shirt set adds color to your style by offering a vibrant and energetic style with a perfect balance. This set from Mandella Istanbul’s exclusive collection offers a combination of different colors and patterns with modern comfort. The energy of vibrant colors and the aesthetics of various patterns create a look that is both fun and sophisticated.

Mandella Istanbul is known as a leading brand in the wholesale clothing industry and aims to provide customers with the highest level of quality. This colorful patterned suit reflects this goal. Combining both elegance and comfort, this suit will be the highlight of your style.

From special events to everyday life, the colorful patterned shorts and shirt set makes you stand out in a lively and energetic way. This set, which is among the special design products of Mandella Istanbul, offers an original style that combines different colors and patterns with modern comfort.

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1 SERIES = 1 Piece (M) – 2 Pieces (L) – 1 Piece (XL) – 1 Piece (XXL) / TOTAL: 5 PIECES.

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