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The solid lilac colored shirt, specially designed by Mandella Istanbul, perfectly reflects an elegant and light style. A cozy and stylish option.

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The solid lilac colored shirt offers a calm and elegant look with a perfect balance of elegant and soft style. This shirt from Mandella Istanbul’s exclusive collection combines the tranquility of lilac color and the beauty of simplicity, adding a light touch to your style. It is an ideal choice for those who want to achieve a comfortable and stylish style both in daily wear and special moments.

Mandella Istanbul is recognized as a leading brand in the wholesale clothing industry and aims to provide customers with the highest quality products. This solid lilac shirt also emphasizes simplicity and elegance. A special option for those who want to have a light and calm style.

The plain lilac shirt adds calmness to your style by reflecting the tranquility of soft colors and the elegance of lilac tone in a modern way. This shirt from Mandella Istanbul’s special design collection will allow you to have a light and comfortable style.

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1 SERIES = 1 Piece (M) – 2 Pieces (L) – 1 Piece (XL) – 1 Piece (XXL) / TOTAL: 5 PIECES.

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