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The Palm Print Double Pattern Pocket Shirt is a great option for those looking for freshness and modernity.

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Palm Print Double Patterned Pocket Shirt is a unique option that combines both a modern style and the freshness of nature. This shirt stands out with its palm print in white and orange colors and its double pattern design.

Palm prints evoke the feeling of vacation and basking in the sun, while white and orange colors reflect freshness and energy for a vibrant look. The double patterned design adds layers and depth to the shirt, creating a more dynamic style.

The pocket detail combines both practicality and aesthetic functionality. Palm Print Double Pattern Pocket Shirt offers you a great opportunity to reflect your style with its two different patterns and vibrant colors.

This shirt is perfect for those looking for a refreshing and modern style. It is an ideal choice for those who want to achieve an original and dynamic look with both palm and double patterned design.

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1 SERIES = 1 Piece (M) – 2 Pieces (L) – 1 Piece (XL) – 1 Piece (XXL) / TOTAL: 5 PIECES.

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